Bible Study Talks

Broken, Searching, Trusted, Powerful

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Ultimately, though Rebekah paid dearly for the way she fought for fulfillment of God’s promises, she held steady as a woman of faith. Far more than Isaac, it was Rebekah who believed God and desired God’s will as well as God’s promises and covenant. Continue reading Rebekah

Wife of Lot

What we do reveals who we are and what we truly believe.
What pulls you backward? What pulls you forward? Which seems stronger? What does what you say and do reveal about who you truly are and what you truly believe? How can God’s mercy triumph in your life?
Continue reading Wife of Lot


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Is the Bible Trustworthy?

Abigail and God’s Grace

Bathsheba and Repentance

The Wife of Lot and God’s Justice and Judgment

Leah and Prayer

Rebekah and Election and Eternal Security

Hagar and Redemption

Elizabeth and the Trinity

The Virgin Mary and God the Son

Anna and God the Holy Spirit

The Woman at the Well and the Fulfillment of Prophecy

Miriam and Reconciliation

Rahab and the Church

Herodias and Idolatry

Esther and Covenants

The Daughter of Jairus and Regeneration

The Wife of Potiphar and Salvation

Puah and Righteousness

Sarah and Faith

The Wife of Job and the Cross for a Believer

The Wife of Pilate and Substitution

Mary of Magdala and the Resurrection

Jezebel and the Character and Universality of Sin

The Witch of Endor and Satan and Demons

Delilah and the Sovereignty of God

Eve and Humankind’s Creation and Purpose

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