Read Judges 4-5; Genesis 20:7; Exodus 15:20-21; Numbers 11:16-17-17, 24-25.

1. Describe the situation in Israel, from Judges 4:1-2; 5:6, 8.

2. a.  Using the above passages, describe Deborah as



Leader in Worship_________________________________________________________

b. In comparing Judges 2:16 with Judges 5:7, who appointed Deborah to these callings?

3. a. Describe the people’s opinion of Deborah.

b. How did Deborah’s husband feel about his wife? (Scripture does not say, though Isaiah 8:3 may help.)

4. a.  Why did Deborah send for Barak, according to Judges 4: 6?

b. How did Barak respond, and why? (See 1 Samuel 13:5-13)

5. Describe the basic battle plan.

a. What was Deborah’s part?

b. What was Barak’s part?

c. To whom did Deborah prophecy God would deliver the enemy general?

6. How did God bring about victory?

Judges 5:4 with Judges 4:14____________________________________________________

Judges 5:5 with Judges 4:15____________________________________________________

Judges 5:21-22 with Judges 4:13________________________________________________

Judges 5:12 with Judges 4:16___________________________________________________

Judges 5:13 with Judges 4:24___________________________________________________

Read Genesis 15:18-20; Numbers 1:29-33; Numbers 24:21-22; Judges 1:16-17; Judges 4:17-24; 5:24-27.

7. Trace Israel’s relationship with the Kenites.

8. From Judges 4:2, 17, why did Sisera feel safe with the Kenites?

9. Considering their patriarchal cultures, what about Jael’s invitation may have been unusual? What may Sisera have thought?

10. How was Deborah’s prophecy fulfilled?

Judges 4:18-19______________________________________________________________

Judges 4:20-21______________________________________________________________

Judges 4:22_________________________________________________________________

Read Judges 4-5

11. Scholars often compare Deborah with Barak. However, the song in Judges 5 actually compares three woman: Deborah, Jael, and the mother of Sisera. In the table below, give verses that describe each woman in terms of

a. Understanding

b. Action

c. Success

d. Judgement

e. Status among women

DeborahJaelMother of Sisera

12. According to Judges 5:31, how long was Deborah judge over Israel, and how did the people fare under her leadership?

13. What lessons and truths have you learned from studying Deborah’s story?

a. How is your character and spiritual life challenged by Deborah’s story?

b. In what ways will you live out what God is teaching you? Be specific.

Review: watch the YouTube presentation on Deborah,

then answer the following:

14. What was the writer seeking to convey about God? Human beings? Women? Do you agree (why or why not)?

15. Create an outline of Deborah’s story. What were the main events? How did they affect her development?