The Cross: Symbol of Victory

Is the cross a symbol about death or life? defeat or triumph? humiliation or glory? Or all those things?

As I searched for answers, I became drawn to how Christians depicted crosses a thousand years ago and more, and that search became this fifteen minute video on the ancient symbols of Christianity.

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Styles of Relating

This twenty minute video offers some ideas about styles of relating we turn to, to protect ourselves rather than enter into deep relationship.

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Theology of Science

Those who are attuned to God, who are guided by the Spirit, who express their love by obedience to the scriptures and to the Word of God, will be an active part of sustaining the earth.

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Joanne Guarnieri Hagemeyer

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Hi, I’m Joanne, and I was a BSF teaching leader and area advisor, then I went back to school to pick up a masters in theology and Biblical studies. Now I’m teaching and writing again, about connectedness, story, and women in the Bible. This page is tuff that’s got me thinking!

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