Connect with God’s revelation–through this beautiful cosmos God made, through the revelation of the ancients, and through people today, those who have God’s Spirit, and all whom God loves

(which is pretty much everybody, amiright?)


How can the first 11 chapters of Genesis be at all relevant to you and me today? Everything I learned about love and reconciliation from Genesis.

Acts of the Apostles

…or is it? This is really about the continuing acts of Jesus, in even more hair-raising ways. Expect upside-down-cake.


Can a middle-aged lady dig up cool stuff?

(Oh yes she can)

Minor Prophets

Who are the twelve minor prophets listed in the Hebrew Bible, and what do they have to say to us today?


Might be there are some aspects of the Christmas story that don’t get told too often…


It is often challenging to “see” the women in the Bible, and to “hear” their voices, as their stories are told through the male lens. However, with God’s help, their contribution to the metanarrative of people and God comes vividly to life.

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means” 

The Princess Bride

Say What?!

My own takes on certain Bible passages.

Meet Joanne

My own story: how the Word got inside of me.

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