The Apostle Peter

Peter and John were the first to initiate an organized gospel mission, beginning in Acts 2. They routinely preached together, so the natural flow of the epilogue to John’s gospel lead to Peter’s two epistles.

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1 Peter 2, A Chosen People

Along with the great privilege of salvation comes the responsibility to grow in holiness, so that being born anew, believers now crave the pure spiritual milk of the word, are built up into the house of God, mature in faith, and serve God.

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1 Peter 1, Spiritual DNA

To borrow an analogy, this birth from above alters the spiritual DNA of a person, so that along with the privilege and responsibility of divine parentage comes the Father’s own genetic characteristics, God’s holiness and God’s ability to love, everything a believer needs to fulfill the call of God.

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1 Peter 2, Peter the Rock

In this six minute presentation, Peter teaches that believers are to see themselves as ones hewn from God, as living rock with a special unity, built upon the Cornerstone of Christ, and as a priesthood whose purpose was to serve and glorify God, remembering his own vivid experience of being named a rock of faith…

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1 Peter 2, Living Stones

Because of their salvation (Peter wrote, to the Jewish believers in Jesus living among the Diaspora), they had been profoundly altered, moving from the covenant of God with the Hebrew people to the covenant cut in the blood of Christ with every believer. They had been born anew, born from above, bought with the precious…

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2 Peter 1, True Testimony

Peter gave his own eyewitness account of having seen Jesus’ transfiguration, resurrection, and ascension, and of actually having heard the voice of Almighty God, rolling down as thunder from heaven, approving God’s Son at Jesus’ baptism, and at Jesus’ transfiguration.

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2 Peter 1, Eat Your Cake To Have It

Worldly wisdom tells us we cannot eat our cake and have it too.

It is a simple equation, for the world.

If you eat your cake, it will disappear, bite by bite, until all that is left are crumbs on an empty plate. There is no way to both have your beautiful cake sitting perfectly…

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2 Peter 1, Add to Your Faith

2 Peter 1:1-11 This ten minute presentation opens up Peter’s second letter as he taught on how growth in knowing God, and growing in our relationship with God’s Son, will multiply grace and peace in our life experiences. “All things” flow from knowing God, and being filled with God’s Spirit. “Knowledge,” the Greek term epignosis,…

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