These are just a few from my own library, and if you have some you think worthy of sharing, please let me know. I love to read!

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At the bottom of this page (you will have to scroll a bit) are books that have changed me.

Book Reviews

For the heart

“Reading While Black”

McCaulley has a good voice for reading, not wasting words, yet somehow managing to take time to explain. He speaks the truth in a firm, clear, and yet gracious way, from his own life and experience and also as pastor. #ReadingWhileBlack #McCaulley

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“Out of a Far Country”

Whether you or I agree with how Christopher Yuan has made sense of who he is in the Lord, and how he interprets God’s call on his life, the bottom line for us all is to trust that God is loving enough, wise enough, powerful enough, and expansive enough to guide each of us into…

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“The Oracle”

I’ll be in Jerusalem for a couple of days, and while there, I’ll have Cahn’s visions in mind, marveling at how powerfully God is at work—not just in our individual lives, but in the movement of history across earth.

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  1. Anything by Brene Brown

  1. Curt Thompson

Intimacy with God
  1. Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To (Anthony DeStefano)

I am a Protestant, and DeStefano is a Catholic writer, so there are some ways in which he and I do not share the same perspective, or theology. However, I found this book on prayer transforming.

  1. Practicing the Presence of God (Brother Lawrence)

This book is three hundred years old, yet the truths are timeless.

  1. The Cloud of Unknowing (Anonymous)

This book comes from the middle ages, and speaks from that Catholic perspective, yet the overall wisdom is worth gleaning.

  1. The Knowledge of the Holy (AW Tozer)

I included the three-volume work because the other two books are just as important, and included a couple of other Tozer books as well.

  1. Anything by Hildegard of Bingen

The first book is an overview. She was a mystic who lived a thousand years ago, who wrote poetry, music, and books about her visions from God.

For the mind
  1. Love Your God With All Your Mind (JP Moreland)
  2. Heresy: A History of Defending the Truth (Alister McGrath)
  3. Total Truth (Nancy Pearcey)

If you like science
  1. Reasons to Believe (website of Hugh Ross)
  2. The Language of God (Francis Collins) 

If you’re into alternatives to traditional church
  1. Reimagining Church (Frank Viola)
  2. Pagan Christianity (George Barna and Frank Viola)
  3. The Rabbit and the Elephant (Tony and Felicity Dale)
  4. ReJesus (Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch)

And I included more very good reads from Alan Hirsch in terms of re-imagining how we live out being the church, the community of Christ.

Women and the Church
  1. Beyond Sex Roles (Gilbert Bilezikian)
  2. Good News for Women (Rebecca Merrill Groothuis)
  3. I Suffer Not a Woman (Richard and Catherine Clark Kroeger)
  4. Discovering Biblical Equality (Ronald W Pierce, editor)
  5. Women and Men in the Light of Eden (Bruce Fleming)
  6. Familiar Leadership Heresies Uncovered (Bruce Fleming)
  7. Recovering From Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (Aimee Byrd)

If you’re dealing with spiritual darkness
  1. The Bondage Breaker and Victory Over the Darkness (Neil Anderson)
  2. People of the Lie (Scott Peck)
  3. 12 Steps for the Recovering Pharisee (John Fischer)

If you like devotionals, but are getting tired of same old-same old

The Book of Mysteries (Jonathan Cahn)

Stories that changed me
  1. The Heavenly Man (Christian Brother Yun)
  2. Killing Christians (Tom Doyle)
  3. Created for Commitment (A Wetherell Johnson)
  4. Christ in the Passover (Ceil and Moishe Rosen)
  5. Pretty much every Francine Rivers book

Commentary written for real people
  1. Anything written by Nijay Gupta

  1. Anything written by Walt Kaiser

  1. Anything written by Ray Stedman

  1. My great great grandfather, Jesse Lyman Hurlbut, wrote a lot of books and they’re still in print! They’re written for real people.

  1. My very favorite commentator is Alfred Edersheim, I go to his books all the time, and he includes those fascinating details about culture and archaeology that many commentators skip over.