Books To Read

These are just a few from my own library, and if you have some you think worthy of sharing, please let me know. I love to read!

For the heart
  1. Anything by Brene Brown
  2. The Soul of Shame (Curt Thompson)
  3. The Wounded Heart (Dan Allender)
Intimacy with God
  1. Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To (Anthony DeStefano)
  2. Practicing the Presence of God (Brother Andrew)
  3. The Cloud of Unknowing (Anonymous)
  4. The Knowledge of the Holy (AW Tozer)
  5. Anything by Hildegard of Bingen
For the mind
  1. Love Your God With All Your Mind (JP Moreland)
  2. A History of Defending the Truth (Alister McGrath)
  3. Total Truth (Nancy Pearcey)
If you like science
  1. The Language of God (Francis Collins) 
  2. Reasons to Believe (website of Hugh Ross)
If you’re into alternatives to traditional church
  1. Reimagining Church (Frank Viola)
  2. Pagan Christianity (George Barna and Frank Viola)
  3. The Rabbit and the Elephant (Tony and Felicity Dale)
  4. ReJesus (Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch)
Women and the Church
  1. Beyond Sex Roles (Gilbert Bilezikian)
  2. Good News for Women (Rebecca Merrill Groothuis)
  3. I Suffer Not a Woman (Richard and Catherine Clark Kroeger)
  4. Discovering Biblical Equality (Ronald W Pierce, editor)
If you’re dealing with spiritual darkness
  1. The Bondage Breaker and Victory Over the Darkness (Neil Anderson)
  2. People of the Lie (Scott Peck)
  3. 12 Steps for the Recovering Pharisee (John Fischer)
If you like devotionals, but are getting tired of same old-same old

The Book of Mysteries (Jonathan Cahn)

Stories that changed me
  1. The Heavenly Man (Christian Brother Yun)
  2. Killing Christians (Tom Doyle)
  3. Created for Commitment (A Wetherell Johnson)
  4. Pretty much every Francine Rivers book
  5. Christ in the Passover (Ceil and Moishe Rosen)
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