The Apostle Peter

Peter and John were the first to initiate an organized gospel mission, beginning in Acts 2. They routinely preached together, so the natural flow of the epilogue to John’s gospel lead to Peter’s two epistles.

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2 Peter 2: Predetermined? Or Free?

Peter took it in stride that all human beings are enslaved—either to God in Christ, or to Satan and darkness. The apostles taught there was no middle ground. Our question today, however, particularly in the west, and even more particularly in such places as the United States, is, “How much free will do humans actually…

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2 Peter 2: Balaam the Mountebank

As surprising as it might be for you and I to hear a donkey speak, Balaam seems to have taken it in his stride, for he answered his donkey, as though this were a perfectly ordinary part of his day.

It is actually more astonishing that Balaam should have answered in the way he did!

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1 Peter: Tidy Ups

Just as Jesus was the example for the believers in Peter’s first century world, so Jesus is for us today. As free people, let us hupotasso one unto the other, for Christ’s sake, that God may be glorified.

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1 Peter 5: From Babylon

With the help of Silvanus, who would personally deliver apostle’s letter, Peter concluded his teaching with greetings from those who were with him, a final instruction to extend the love of Christ to each other, and a prayer they would experience the peace Jesus gives.

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1 Peter 4: Manifold Grace of God

There are three basic things Peter emphasized in this passage for you and I to do as we interact with each other: pray, love fervently, and make our hospitality cheerful.

And there is one thing God calls you and me to stop doing: living in the identity we used to have before we came to…

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1 Peter 3: Spirits in Prison

Peter drew from imagery that could portray the kind of fearless faith, godly character, and much-maligned yet God-affirmed lifestyle that he was seeking to encourage. Noah and his family of eight were a tiny remnant of faithful people in a very hostile world.

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1 Peter 3: Repay Evil With Good

We may not be able to stop evil, harm, and pain from entering our lives. Corruption and death are still realities. But we can choose to respond in the Spirit of Christ, a supernatural response that is first the result of God’s divine work of transformation within, and is also our willingness to allow that…

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1 Peter 2: Peter the Rock

Believers are to see themselves as ones hewn from God, as living rock with a special unity, built upon the Cornerstone of Christ, and as a priesthood whose purpose was to serve and glorify God, remembering his own vivid experience of being named a rock of faith by Jesus.

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