The Apostle John

1 John is actually unsigned. It is written something in the style of a circular, the kind of letter meant to be passed along among all the churches.

It is thought perhaps (whichever John wrote these) the author intended 2 John and 3 John to act as cover letters for the circular (1 John) which would have come with them.

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My passion for the Bible began when I was eight or nine years old, somewhere in there, when on occasion my dad would take me to synagogue, where he sang. I remember watching the men in synagogue pray the words of scripture, murmuring and weeping, lovingly touching and kissing the Torah, and I wished I could read what they were reading.

Imagine, then, my wonder when I was given a Bible of my own!

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[Manuscript of the New Testament with the text of the Second Epistle of John 1-5 (5th or 6th century) | By Unknown author – Uncial 0232 (Gregory-Aland), manuscript of the New Testament, Public Domain,]