Immediately . . .

Many scholars hold that the Gospel of Mark was originally designed to be delivered orally, in one sitting.

The word “immediately” shows up at regular intervals, and keeps the pace set–we rush from scene to scene, as the story of Jesus’ ministry, death and resurrection unfold.

To get a feel for Mark’s Gospel, dive into Max McLean’s full length feature and imagine you are in Peter’s first century audience as he holds his listeners rapt.

Max McLean: The Gospel of Mark

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Triumphal Entry

When Jesus was born, it was only about thirty years after the Romans had taken over Israel once again. So, there were plenty of people left who remembered what it had been like to have their own king, their own government, and freedom to live as their own people.

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The Widow’s Mite

Jesus had a rare teachable moment, the right moment, in today’s passage, for Jesus to talk about Messiah, and to teach His disciples the difference between a false reading, and a true reading of scripture.

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[above image: Portrait of St Mark from The Four Gospels, in classical Armenian, written on paper copied and illuminated by Abraham, the priest Asian Collection, Wellcome Library, London Keywords: gospels; apostles; Sacred Subjects; new testament | By Collection gallery (2018-04-03): CC-BY-4.0, CC BY 4.0,