Psalms speak to the soul, giving us a place to feel our feelings, both painful and pleasurable. Time and again, I’ve turned to the Psalms to find a way to praise, pray, and worship from the place my heart really is.

And there are some great spiritual and psychological truths in the epistles. I’ve learned a lot about how to do relationships well from listening to the apostles.

Finally, tucked here and there, are practical lessons I’ve learned as a lay counselor–like the Johari Window!

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Apparently, scientific research has now been able to prove what God has been teaching people since the days of Cain: practicing gratitude can actually make us healthier – literally!!

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Secret of Contentment

In a message originally delivered for New Hope Chapel, in a series on Paul’s epistle to the believers in Philippi. This twenty minute talk finishes up with Paul’s letter to his beloved sisters and brothers in the Lord.

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Way of the Cross

How do we live in the place of is great joy, in the humility of Christ, to be like Christ in willingness to surrender all, even to death, for love?

This was Paul’s focus in his letter to the believers in Philippi.

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Psalm 73

God met Asaph where he was, and opened his inner vision to a revelation he hadn’t quite grasped yet. On the outside, these rich and conceited courtiers seemed to have it all. But on the inside they were headed for ruin.

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Psalm 19

And through the poetry of Psalm 19, we’ll see the author convey this important truth: The revelation of God is available to everyone, everywhere, in every age and culture.

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