He is Risen!

He is risen indeed. Stemming back to the earliest centuries of the church, the most celebrated and joyous holy day of the entire Christian calendar is remembering the day our Lord rose from the grave.

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The Cross: Symbol of Victory

Is the cross a symbol about death or life? defeat or triumph? humiliation or glory? Or all those things?

As I searched for answers, I became drawn to how Christians depicted crosses a thousand years ago and more, and that search became this fifteen minute video on the ancient symbols of Christianity.

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Gospel of John: Mary of Magdala

All four Gospel accounts describe Mary’s faithfulness and courage, a major financial supporter and patron of Jesus’s ministry, one who remained with Jesus at the foot of his cross until his death, and the first to arrive at his tomb the morning of his resurrection.

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Mary of Magdala

In this twenty minute talk, we’ll first follow Mary through the years she was a student and supporter of Jesus, then we will spend most of our time in the Garden with Mary at Christ’s empty tomb, and end with a deeper understanding of ourselves as members of the Body of Christ.

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Triumphal Entry

When Jesus was born, it was only about thirty years after the Romans had taken over Israel once again. So, there were plenty of people left who remembered what it had been like to have their own king, their own government, and freedom to live as their own people.

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