AIM Through a unique blend of Bible study, imagery, Biblical scholarship, discussion and personal reflection, to present relevant historical background, provide understanding, offer emotional connection, and encouragement to live out the truths of scripture.

APPROACH Each retreat theme is linked with character studies of women from the Bible. Studies begin with a review of relevant historical background, then focused Bible immersion, robust discussion, life application questions, and a lecture designed to offer some thoughts on how to live out the wisdom you’ve gained. The final piece is a workshop based on themes from the Biblical character’s lives as they lived out their response to God and Truth.

HOPE You experience something fresh and new from the pages of this ancient, yet living, document, God’s Word, as well as the enrichment of spiritual and emotional connection, as you engage in each part of the retreat.

Communion With Christ

What did Anna, Mary of Bethany (Martha’s sister), Job’s Wife, The Witch of Endor, and Mary the mother of Jesus all have in common? Unique spiritual discernment.

Courage in Adversity

Abigail, Leah, Bathsheba, and Rahab experienced broken relationships, broken dreams, and broken pasts…yet far from being crushed, God empowered them and gave them new life.

Darkness and Light

Join Eve, Potiphar’s Wife, Mary of Magdala, Lydia, The Woman Caught in Adultery, and Jarius’ Daughter as they stood between two worlds and chose their destinies.

Faith and Valor

Facing matters of life and death, would Sarah, Martha, The Sinful Woman, Elizabeth, Puah, and Herodias become mighty women of faith?

Living Water

Rebekah, The Woman at the Well, Ruth, Miriam, Hagar, and the Prodigal’s Mother knew what it was to be despised, yet still thirsted for love and significance.

Search for Truth

In a time of crisis, more than anything else, Jezebel, Noah’s Wife, and Pilate’s Wife needed truth.

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