The Woman of Samaria at the Well, James Tissot (1836-1902), between 1886 and 1894 | Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain

Right thinking alone – become a Pharisee
Right feeling alone – become an “experience” junkie
Right doing alone – become burned out and wonder why.

But what if by balancing right thinking and right feelings, right doing would just flow out

. . . sort of like breathing?

Designed for a wide audience, from beginners to the seasoned believer, this two or three day retreat features the stories of Rebekah, The Woman at the Well, Ruth, Miriam, Hagar, and the Prodigal’s Mother, examining how their thoughts and feelings affected their actions, and how their persepective affected how they interpreted the world around them, as well as God’s character and actions.

An interactive workshop on Saturday provides basic tools for listening well, and speaking wisely and meaningfully into each other’s lives, becoming self-aware to acknowledge feelings and to think about what we think about. Saturday evening includes contemplative song and Scripture readings.

Bible studies and devotionals for each of the characters will provide further study for the weeks following this retreat.


6:30pm – Registration/fellowship

7-7:30pm – Worship with song

TALK 7:30-8:30pm – “Thirsty”

DISCUSSION* 8:30-9pm – Discussion groups


[DEVOTIONAL]Participants may do on their own time, either during the retreat for quiet time, or after the retreat for further study

8:30 – Breakfast

9:30-10am – Worship with song

TALK 10-10:45am – “Duty or Destiny”

DISCUSSION* 11-11:45am – Discussion groups

12noon – Lunch

WORKSHOP 1-3pm – “Friend to Friend”

6pm – Dinner

CONTEMPLATIVE WORSHIP 7-8:30pm – Song, Scripture reading, and prayer

DISCUSSION* 8:30-9pm –Discussion groups

*Training videos and materials are available for discussion group facilitators in prepartion for the retreats, combined with a one hour session with Joanne Friday, before retreat begins


[DEVOTIONAL]Participants may do on their own time, either during the retreat for quiet time, or after the retreat for further study

8:30 – Breakfast

9:30-10am – Worship with song

PROGRAM 10-11am Participants share how God met them over the weekend (Joanne, facilitator)

TALK 11-11:30am – “From Thirsty to Satisfied”

Through a unique blend of Bible study, discussion, personal reflection, and interactive workshops, relevant historical background is presented, understanding provided, and emotional connection offered. Through it all, encouragement is given to learn and live out the truths of scripture.

“Living Water” is also offered as “Thirst for Meaning” through Ancient Voices, Sacred Stories, in partnership with gifted performer, Anita Gutschick of Women of the Bible

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