Gospel of John: The Incarnate Word

the Lord designed human beings with the capacity for God and a hunger for God. God created people in God’s own image, the image of Jesus, and made us to correspond to the Lord. Being made in God’s image means that people are made as personal, moral, and spiritual beings.

Triumphal Entry

When Jesus was born, it was only about thirty years after the Romans had taken over Israel once again. So, there were plenty of people left who remembered what it had been like to have their own king, their own government, and freedom to live as their own people.

Gospel of John: 7 Signs

To support his testimony, and his case that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and to support his claim that by believing in Jesus you will have life in His name, John recorded seven of Jesus’ miracles which acted as supernatural signs from Almighty God, as heaven’s testimony to earth of the truth of Jesus’ deity and work.