Gospel of John: Moses’ Law

The aching irony in all this was the evident sincerity of the Judeans in their defense of the Sabbath as they understood it, by their own interpretation, and their genuine passion to finally get it right after centuries of failure and loss.

Broken, Searching, Trusted, Powerful

“It is a pleasure to endorse this series of Bible studies on thirty-two women of the Bible. May God’s blessing be on each one who picks up the Bible and is led by the series of questions to ask themselves very similar questions so that we all may grow up in Christ Jesus. Special thanksContinue reading “Broken, Searching, Trusted, Powerful”

Gospel of John: Personal Pressure

I have heard speaking the truth in love described this way: You make a sandwich with two big slices of love, and you slip the meat of truth right in between them.

Gospel of John: Belief or Abandonment

In the face of either receiving a hard truth because it comes from God, or rejecting a hard truth and therefore having to reject God, Peter spoke for himself and ten of his companion disciples when he said they would accept Jesus as a package deal. He did not realize it, but he was not speaking for all.

Child of Wonder

Child of sorrow, child of rain,
There is no tomorrow, no more pain.
Turn your silvered sail toward the light.
Child of morning, child of night.

Child of Wonder – Eric Whitacre

Psalm 73

God met Asaph where he was, and opened his inner vision to a revelation he hadn’t quite grasped yet. On the outside, these rich and conceited courtiers seemed to have it all. But on the inside they were headed for ruin.

Minor Prophets: Jonah in the Storm

The truth is, it seemed Jonah would rather have died than turn back and sail for Joppa to begin his journey to Nineveh. But, God was not asking Jonah to give his life to the sea in death. God was asking him to give his compassion to the enemies of his people.

Gospel of John: Life-Giving Feast

Jesus had delivered possibly the most offensive sermon ever given in his time, a message so viscerally horrifying, so unspeakably grotesque, that many must have been left actually speechless.

Gospel of John: Flesh and Blood

D.L. Moody once said “One day you’ll read that D.L. Moody is dead. Don’t you believe it! I’ll be more alive on that day than I have ever been before!”

Gospel of John: Bread of Life

Unbelief is basically a spiritual issue, not an intellectual issue.

All the while, as we wrestle with these passages, and seek to live out their truths as best we can, God is conforming our character to be holy and righteous, as God is.