Gospel of John: Personal Pressure

I have heard speaking the truth in love described this way: You make a sandwich with two big slices of love, and you slip the meat of truth right in between them.

Gospel of John: Loaves and Fish

Faith, then, does not reduce God to a religious concept, or a catechism, or a set of doctrines. Faith does not content itself with traditions and rites. Faith is not a sentiment that can be set aside.

Faith is a lived reality.

Gospel of John: Final Proof

People often think that if someone does not believe something, what they need is more proof, more information.
But Jesus said this was not the problem.

Gospel of John: Paradigm Shift

Jesus explained that like the wind the Holy Spirit is invisible but powerful, and you can’t predict, explain or control the movements of the wind.

Gospel of John: Startling Mystery

There was no easy interpretation of Jesus’ mysterious and startling comment. I imagine Jesus watching Nicodemus expectantly, for the Pharisee had already proven himself capable of great spiritual discernment.

Gospel of John: What Is Your Quest?

Jesus’ question, “What are you looking for?” were the first words Jesus said in John’s gospel, maybe the first words He spoke as He began his public ministry, and they are words meant for every reader as well.