1 Peter 2, Living Stones

https://youtu.be/Ay4-8cavIls Because of their salvation (Peter wrote, to the Jewish believers in Jesus living among the Diaspora), they had been profoundly altered, moving from the covenant of God with the Hebrew people to the covenant cut in the blood of Christ with every believer. They had been born anew, born from above, bought with the … Continue reading 1 Peter 2, Living Stones

1 Peter 3: Repay Evil With Good

We may not be able to stop evil, harm, and pain from entering our lives. Corruption and death are still realities. But we can choose to respond in the Spirit of Christ, a supernatural response that is first the result of God’s divine work of transformation within, and is also our willingness to allow that divine work to replace the way we used to be.

Gospel of John: I and the Father are One

As Jesus spoke, the men before him must have looked unsatisfied and perturbed. Jesus was giving them no new answers, his words still seemed cloaked in metaphor and veiled meanings. To be told they were not of Jesus’ sheepfold seemed at the same time ambiguous and obvious. No, they did not believe Jesus, and no, he had no jurisdiction over them.