Beginning Monday, Grace and Peace will present seven posts on Jesus’ heritage and birth, bringing the nativity narrative through Matthew’s gospel.

“Royal Heritage” examines Jesus’ claim to David’s throne through both Mary’s and Joseph’s genealogies.

“Divine Heredity” provides the scriptural foundation for as well as ancient proof of Jesus’ deity.

“Prophetic Heritage” reveals the details of Jesus’ conception and birth as prophesied centuries before His nativity.

“Prophecy of Christ” introduces the mysterious Magi who had been preparing for the birth of a magnificent king.

“Proclamation of Christ” follows the implications Jesus’ birth would have for the current king of Judea, Herod, and for the complex religious and political issues swirling in Jerusalem.

“Praise and Worship of Christ” portrays the Magis’ response to the King of all Kings and Lord of all Lords.

“Peril of Christ” mourns anew the seldom discussed tragedy that propelled the holy family to flee Bethlehem.

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