In just a few short weeks, probably the beginning of May, we’ll finished reading Luke’s account of Paul’s ministry career. Luke wanted his friend Theophilus to have an accurate and reliable account of The Way’s beginnings.

From the birth of John the baptist, through the cross and onwards, Luke carefully researched every story, every quote, all the key people, places, times, events . . . and Luke’s details continue to pan out with new archaeological discoveries, and more recently unearthed, and discovered, chronicles from the 1st century.

What a great study it’s been!

And now, here we are, ready to open a different chapter in the New Testament, or maybe explore a particular topic, or . . . what would you like to read about?

These are just some of the ideas that popped into my head.

  • What will you be teaching about, that you’d like to see some material on?
  • What topic are you thinking about, and you’d like to see some perspectives on?
  • What book of the Bible have you been wondering about? (Especially Christian Bible, since I am doing a series from the Hebrew Bible, right now, on the twelve minor prophets.)
  • Have you been wondering about “extra” Biblical books—apocrypha, as they’re often termed—and how they might relate to scripture?
  • Would you like retrospectives on some of the people in the Bible?
  • Perhaps you’d like background on 1st-4th century theologians?

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