Book launches are among the many events that have had to be sidelined in the last couple of months, so I’d like to give a fellow author a shout-out for her new book.


You can see, she’s got some big-name authors who have read her book and thinks it’s pretty great! Read below:

“Lauren Crews delivers a powerful message in Strength of a Woman. She has an amazing ability to balance teaching through the Hebrew acrostic and sharing relevant and vulnerable stories that tug at the heart. I’ve read Proverbs 31 too many times to count, but Lauren brought it alive in a brand-new, thought-provoking way.

This is not a book to be missed!”

—Bethany Jett, award-winning author
of Platinum Faith and They Call Me Mom

Strength of a Woman is an answer to prayer for every woman who has ever resented the Proverbs 31 Woman as it reveals this passage of Scripture actually celebrates our worth, value, and strength as women. We no longer need to feel inferior to the woman showcased in Proverbs 31; instead, we can celebrate her because we are her . . . or at least we have the opportunity to be. While this isn’t a quick read, its contents are worth every minute spent immersed in the Hebraic insights this author brings out in a very relatable manner.

Get Strength of a Woman and grow stronger in your walk with God.”

—Michelle Medlock Adams, award-winning and best-selling author
of more than ninety books, including Platinum Faith,
They Call Me Mom, and Fabulous and Focused

“Author Lauren Crews has given us a great gift by writing Strength of a Woman, allowing us the opportunity to reconnect with the Proverbs 31 Woman—not as an unrealistic goal or proof of failure—but as an attainable model for a strong woman of God.”

—Edie Melson, award-winning author
and director of the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference

“In Strength of a Woman, Lauren Crews dives into the secrets revealed in the Hebrew language and contemplates the famous virtuous woman’s passage in Proverbs 31. Lauren explains the passage was not designed to make women feel overwhelmed by an impossible to-do list but rather serves to promote the warrior woman you can emulate as you love, work, build, and overcome your own life’s challenges. A great read!”

—Linda Evans Shepherd, author of When You Need to Move a Mountain,
publisher of Leading Hearts magazine and Arise Daily Devotionals,
founder of the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association

“I believe we’ve lost much of the meaning of Scripture by not incorporating our Jewish roots and the Hebrew language. I’m a Bible nerd, and I often incorporate Hebrew in my own writing, but Lauren Crews takes us one more step by introducing the symbolism of the Hebrew alphabet. What could have been painfully academic, Lauren has gracefully written in a way that relates to our hearts. Strength of a Woman gently and beautifully teaches us about the true and empowering meaning of Proverbs 31.

If you’ve tried to measure up to this ‘perfect’ wife and mother, this is a must-read.”

—Andy Lee, author of A Mary Like Me: Flawed Yet Called

“I’ve always called the Proverbs 31 Woman, ‘The Intimidating Mrs. P-31.’ She is seemingly depicted as ‘all that and a bag of chips’—an unattainable standard of womanhood that leaves the rest of us feeling less-than.

In Strength of a Woman, author Lauren Crews sheds new and insightful biblical light on the woman who has intimidated many women throughout the ages.

Using the Hebraic symbolism of the Jewish language and stories from modern-day real life Proverbs 31 women, Lauren’s unique approach gives readers a deeper understanding of this often misunderstood but power- packed passage of Scripture. With discussion questions and prayer prompts in every chapter, Strength of a Woman is a great resource for individuals and groups alike. I highly recommend it.”

—Stephanie Shott, Bible teacher, author, and founder of The MOM Initiative

“In her beautiful book, Lauren paints a masterpiece from the canvas of Scripture by utilizing Hebrew poetry, word pictures, and personal stories to bring the Strength of a Woman to life. Her colors and shading through acrostic poetry and the Hebrew alphabet focus on the attributes of the Proverbs 31 Woman and the character of Jesus Christ with spiritual introspection throughout. This magnum opus will transform your understanding of God through the beauty of His language.”

—Debbie Blank, president, Living Word Ministries

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