For those who are experiencing grief and loss, this is a new recording by a friend of my mother’s, Robert Norman, described in his words.

“I’m writing to share something kind of exciting. I know I had talked about performing Eric Whitacre’s Sacred Veil both in its world premiere at Disney Hall and in the professional recording with Eric and the Master Chorale.

“Well, the first single was released last week, and it’s available on all streaming sites. I’m attaching the YouTube lyric video from Eric’s channel here if you want to listen to it with subtitled words.

Here’s the poetry from this movement

Child of wonder, child of sky,
Time to end your voyage, time to die.
Silent slumber calls you, dark and deep.
Child of soft surrender, child of sleep.

Child of sorrow, child of rain,
There is no tomorrow, no more pain.
Turn your silvered sail toward the light.
Child of morning, child of night.

Child of iridescence, child of dream,
Stars and moons will guide you down the stream.
Stretched on ocean waves of endless foam,
Welcome home my child, welcome home.

child of wonder – eric whitacre
Eric Whitacre’s Sacred Veil

“There will be a couple more single releases before the full album release on August 28. For reference Sacred Veil is a chronicle of Julie and Charles Anthony Silvestri’s life: love, pregnancy, parenthood, and Julie’s diagnosis and eventual death from cancer.

“Several of the movements are Julie’s own words, with additional text by Eric and Tony. This single ‘Child of Wonder’ is the final movement in the piece. It is a cathartic and emotional journey that offers closure for those who remain in the wake of death. “

Look at what love the Father has given to us, so that we may be called—and are—children of God. Because of this the world does not know us, for it did not know [Jesus].

Beloved ones, [right] now we are children of God and it has not yet been made visible who we will be. We know that whenever [Jesus] will be made visible we will be similar to [Jesus], for we will perceive [Jesus] just he is.

And each one having this expectation concerning [Jesus] consecrates themselves just as that One is consecrated.

1 John 3:1-3

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