As Rahab stood in the foothills of Canaan, watching Jericho burn, she was seeing everything she knew, her whole life, and what should have been her story, going up in smoke. But for the grace of God….that would have been her.

Rahab | Grace and Peace, Joanne

She may have wondered to herself, so many years later, “How is it that God saved me? How is it that my life story took such an unexpected, wrenching, and yet ultimately beautiful turn, loved as I am by God, and by God’s, people, and by this amazing man Salmon, who has given me these precious sons and daughters?”

I wonder if she was alive when Boaz was born. Even if she wasn’t, I feel sure her story was told to her great grandchildren, and her great great grandchildren, as families will do.

I Rahab, Person and Profession, Joshua 2

II Rahab, Profession of Faith, Joshua 2

III Rahab, A Portrayal of Salvation, Joshua 6

Listen to a story of unshakeable faith, knowing fear is the enemy of faith, and that God redeems the stories of every person who puts their faith in God through Christ!

Each video is designed to offer background scholarship on the topic, including setting, culture, original language, and archaeology, as well as a theological study.

The “Broken, Searching, Trusted, Powerful” video series is a companion to the book, available on Amazon, and published by Wipf and Stock.

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