Jesus had identified himself as the source and giver of life, and the One Who satisfies the longings of people’s hearts. Jesus had claimed the Father drew people to him, and Jesus received all those whom the Father had given him. Many people had begun to argue with Jesus and take issue with him. These were not the sort of claims they were expecting from the Messiah. But Jesus was not backing down or changing course.

In this half hour talk, originally given on Sunday morning at New Hope Chapel, Arnold, MD, Jesus delivered what was very likely his most offensive sermon ever preached. It would cost him the majority of his disciples, and act as a turning point in his public ministry.

I Bread of Life, John 6:41-51

Unbelief is basically a spiritual issue, not an intellectual issue.

II Broken Bread: Flesh and Blood John, 6:52-59

Jesus the Logos, His person, works, and words, are Spirit and are Life.

III Belief or Abandonment, John 6:60-71

You and I grow spiritually when we believe and live by truth.

(The Greek translation of John is my own)

[Gospel of John | Oarabile Mudongo, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons]

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