Back in the 1950’s, two American psychologists, Joe (Joseph Luft) and Harry (Harrington Ingham), were collaborating together on trying to describe the various stages of awareness that happen when people communicate with each other.

Grace and Peace Joanne

It is kind of amazing that we actually -can- communicate as well as we do!

One of the ministries I am involved in is a lay counseling organization that teaches and trains Christian lay counselors, but the first level of training is intended to help everyone learn better relationship skills, including good listening and good ways to share.

I highly recommend The Lay Counselor Institute!

The Lay Counselor Institute

That is where the Johari Window comes in!

I created this video as part of that first layer of training through The Lay Counselor Institute, for our Glorious Mess series, but find the Johari Window such a great, basic way of understanding group dynamics, and relationship dynamics, I thought I would put it here, too.

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