Peter enjoined Christian wives married to men who did not share their faith to live in a [Godfearing] pure manner of life in the same way Jesus did, using Jesus’ life as the example for their own. By doing so, their husbands—who were not believing or obeying the Word (logos) might be won over without a word.

Peter offered some practical ways to live honorably, by making their transformed life their chief “adornment” rather than their jewels, fine clothing, and costly hair styles.

Now, Peter would point to the founding matriarch of the Jewish people as a fine example of what he was seeking to describe.

Peter then turned to Christian husbands married to unbelieving ways and told them to do all “in the same way” Peter had instructed Christian wives. In researching this post, I turned to the insightful work of Bruce C. E. Fleming in his book “Familiar Leadership Heresies Uncovered.” He also provides a deep dive into these verses in workshops found on the YouTube channel Tru316 Project Genesis 3:16 and beyond.

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