Psalm 73 was written by one of the four Levites King David had put in charge of the worship music. As soon as the ark was brought back to Jerusalem, and replaced in the tabernacle, David wanted regular times of worship with a full orchestra and choir. Asaph was one of the Levites put in charge of the instruments.

But, it turns out, he was truly gifted at song writing, too. 

He evidently now lived within the palace complex in Jerusalem, and having most likely come from humble means — since, typically, Levites did not have much wealth of their own — being surrounded by the treasures of the City of David had to have been humbling.

Asaph knew he had been called by God to teach the scriptures and lead in worship, but it seems he did not feel he was thriving in David’s courts. Instead, he felt unseen and unappreciated, as though he did not fit in. Others, who did not seem to be living godly lives or even aware of God at all, were prospering while he was languishing.

“What is going, God?”

So he wrote this song.

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