Biblical Womanhood: A New Bible Study Every Month

What does it mean to be a Biblical woman, a woman of God, a woman who fulfills the calling of God in her life? Biblical womanhood is a hot topic these days. What is it? Is there such a thing? And if there is, how would we recognize it? #BiblicalWomanhood

Martyrdom of the Mothers, Part Two

Last week I gave the cultural and Christian context for martyrdom, particularly of women, and mothers at that. I also gave the context of choice, highlighting the difference between Perpetua's and Felicity's grisly end in the arena, and Paula's "living" martyrdom of poverty and self-denial for the sake of Christ. This week I look at the context of their children.

Martyrdom of the Mothers, Part One

The translation of Perpetua's first-hand account (in Greek) of the weeks leading up to her martyrdom, her visions, and that of one of her companions, of the loss of her son, and the loss of her servant's daughter, is available in the public domain following this link. It is only six pages long, the last page written posthumously by someone of her Christian assembly who was there to watch her die in the arena that day.