Gospel of John: Loaves and Fish

Faith, then, does not reduce God to a religious concept, or a catechism, or a set of doctrines. Faith does not content itself with traditions and rites. Faith is not a sentiment that can be set aside.

Faith is a lived reality.

Gospel of John: A Nobleman’s Son

The noble official was covered in the dust of his travels, his robes powdered a dull grey, his feet nearly monochrome with dirt. Streaks of sweat lined his face, and the hair across his forehead was matted. Real tears streamed from his eyes and nose, flying in drops as he dropped to his knees, clasped his hands before Jesus, and wrung them.

Gospel of John: Stairway to Heaven

I picture these six men now looking at Jesus with wonder and perhaps a little fear. If what he said were true, then who was he really? How could they, ordinary men all, be standing here with one who connects heaven and earth?