Isaiah 41: Three, Three, and Three

The Lord turned to God’s people and gave them three exhortations, three promises, and three reasons to believe. The physical promises of land and prosperity were to a specific people, the descendants of Abraham, Israel. From this perspective, God is keeping these promises to this day, as miraculously, Israel is once again a nation located on the very land God promised to Abraham. But the apostle Paul said that spiritually, these promises are intended for all those who know Abraham as their spiritual father, who have been grafted into the nation of Israel as God’s people through faith.

Gospel of John: Truth

Here was One who could truly behold her true self, who accepted her for who she truly was, who admired her character, and honored her dignity, who understood the courage it took for her to choose truth when it held the potential to hurt her, or to render her disqualified to receive the gift this man had to give.