Isaiah 60: A Better Country, A Beautiful City

The final part of Isaiah’s prophecy goes far beyond earthly brilliance. “The sun shall no longer be    your light by day,nor for brightness shall the moon    give light to you by night,but the Lord will be your everlasting light,    and your God will be your glory.Your sun shall no more go down    or your moon withdraw itself,for the Lord will be your everlasting … Continue reading Isaiah 60: A Better Country, A Beautiful City

Revelation 1: The Whole Earth?

In the present tense, it makes John’s statement an ongoing event, one which had been fulfilled at the cross and continued at Pentecost. But was John speaking only of the supernatural work of Christ whenever the gospel was told and of the Holy Spirit’s conviction of those who heard it by God’s divine power? Or was John indicating there would also be a future fulfillment, one more substantial and concrete? A physical return of Christ, coming on the Pillar of Cloud, God’s glorious Shekinah?

Minor Prophets: Micah, Messiah’s Reign

There are Spirit-filled Christians from what seems a countless variety of backgrounds and faith traditions, and we all have such a variety of ways of understanding what will happen in the future. There is much disagreement! However, there are a few points on which we are unified.