I’m pretty much in the middle of Genesis and I’m starting in on the Acts of the Apostles–lots of people I know are studying that book right now, and it seems like a good idea to sort of be together in that with them. So! I am going to catch up with the series I’ve been posting on another blogsite, “Misfits Theology,” and once I have, I am going to slow down to two blogs a week for a while, then probably add in a third day for “Say What?” posts.

If you have a “Say What?” you’d like me to work on, please send it in, I’d love to have that conversation, I’m always learning and changing, and welcome the opportunity.

Starting this week, then, I’ll begin the Acts series, and continue with the Genesis series until I’m caught up. Once there, Acts will stay on Wednesdays and Genesis will move to Saturdays.

Once Genesis winds down, I’m not sure what I’ll bring in. If you have special requests, (like, for instance, Ezekiel?! What the heck!) please message me!

Girl Writing | Victoria and Albert Museum [Public domain]

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