We usually think that we are at Point A and we intend to, or at least want to, get to Point B.

Grace and Peace, Joanne

Point B is our destination.

Sometimes we get there, but more often, it feels like an obstacle course, and the map keeps changing. We end up way of course. Or, there’s a barrier that we just can’t seem to get through.

But what if there were a B Prime, a destination we never thought of, but that’s what God had in mind the whole time?

I first learned about this perspective through the Lay Counselor Institute, an organization Dave and I have been involved with for pretty close to ten years, now. So, here’s how it goes:

Understanding “B Prime” begins with understanding what God’s purposes are for life on earth.

What is the grand vision for what the Lord is doing?

What is God’s agenda?

What does God intend to accomplish in the lives of all humanity? How about in an individual’s life? My life? Your life?

Even these questions are based on a theology which, a priori, understands God is interested in individual lives. That God has a purpose, and a plan, for individual persons. And that the Lord has the wherewithal to follow through God’s intentions.

So what is God doing, can we even know?

I think we can.

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