Psalm 73

God met Asaph where he was, and opened his inner vision to a revelation he hadn’t quite grasped yet. On the outside, these rich and conceited courtiers seemed to have it all. But on the inside they were headed for ruin.

Psalm 19

And through the poetry of Psalm 19, we’ll see the author convey this important truth: The revelation of God is available to everyone, everywhere, in every age and culture.

Yom Kippur

Ten days after the Feast of Trumpets came Yom Kippur, which was a time of self-examination and repentance and forgiveness. centuries later, Christians would see Jesus as both sacrifice and high priest

Secret of the Manna, Exodus 16

the entire nation of hungry, bedraggled people, whose life skills include making mud bricks, had turned on against their leader, Moses. They hinted that Moses had been either foolhardy and rash and was in the process of killing them by accident, or worse, he had—perversely—been been intending all along to kill them by the slow and gruesome death of starvation.

The Song of the Sea, Exodus 15

God’s people standing stunned on the opposite shore of the Red Sea, as they watched God cause the waves to come crashing in on the mighty armies of Egypt.

It only makes sense that they broke out into song.

Moses’ Prayer

All of us hit bottom sometimes, when there is nowhere else to look, but up, and that is the moment when God has our undivided attention.

The Seventh Plague, Exodus 9

Each contest included a cycle of three plagues. In this talk, originally delivered at New Hope Chapel, Arnold, MD, I pick up the series at the seventh plague, and show a pattern emerging of a progressive revelation of God.

B Prime

We usually think that we are at Point A and we intend to, or at least want to, get to Point B. Point B is our destination. Sometimes we get there, but more often, it feels like an obstacle course, and the map keeps changing. We end up way of course. Or, there’s a barrier that we just can’t seem to get through.

But what if there were a B Prime, a destination we never thought of, but that’s what God had in mind the whole time?

Miriam, Exodus 2

I want you to think about a vivid episode from your childhood. Could be happy or sad, good or bad, just so that it’s a vivid memory. Might even be a story about you that’s been told and retold. And, the very first thing that came to mind, that’s the one I want you toContinue reading “Miriam, Exodus 2”

Living in the Light

How can one person, how can I bring God’s grace, Jesus’ healing love and transforming power into such a broken and hurting nation?