All people seek God in some form, even for people who say they have no religion, there is something they believe in, some ideology, or cause they believe in or support. Right now, I’m seeing commercials for a show about soccer, and how it’s like a religion, something all these different nations can believe in together, a sort of unifying cause.

So, everyone has something they believe in, and it was no different in ancient times. It was, in fact, the norm for the ancient middle east to have multiple gods, you could pick your favorite.

Egyptians had a god for everything, over eighty in all, so they had every possible base covered. Egypt’s gods focused on three main sources of life for them: the Nile, the fertile earth, and the sky, including the sun. And you and I would be seeing, as we went through these plagues, that God seems to have prepared three arenas of contest with the gods of Egypt, to address each region:

  • the Nile,
  • the fertile earth,
  • and the sky.

Each contest included a cycle of three plagues. In this talk, originally delivered at New Hope Chapel, Arnold, MD, I pick up the series at the seventh plague, and show a pattern emerging of a progressive revelation of God.

The Seventh Plague, Exodus 9
Grace and Peace, Joanne

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