Incredibly, the mightiest nation on earth now lay in smoking ruins.

Those who had enforced the enslavement of the Hebrew people were mostly all dead, lying at the bottom of the Reed Sea. Though it was true they had no home, and everything they owned they were now carrying, still, the people knew they were headed to a beautiful place which would become their new home.

All they had to do was get there.

But now, the entire nation of hungry, bedraggled people, whose life skills include making mud bricks, had turned on against their leader, Moses. They hinted that Moses had been either foolhardy and rash and was in the process of killing them by accident, or worse, he had—perversely—been been intending all along to kill them by the slow and gruesome death of starvation.

They would not have minded dying by God’s hand, they said, for that would have been quick and sure. But, they were miserable facing the prospect of dying by degrees of hunger and starvation, due to Moses’ and Aaron’s inept leadership.

So begins today’s text, in the YouTube talk entitled “Secret of the Manna”. . .

Secret of the Manna
Exodus 16

[The Bread and The Cup | Pixabay]

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