What is it like to fall in love?

To be absolutely fascinated with every little thing about your beloved? Their face, their mannerisms, their voice, their likes and dislikes—everything?

Listen to these ancient words from someone who had fallen helplessly in love:

“With all my heart have I sought You” “I have treasured You in my heart” “I rejoice in You, I will meditate on You, delight in You and never forget You.”

Can you imagine saying all that to your beloved?

How about this:

“My soul is crushed with longing for You, make me understand You, enlarge my heart for You, revive me!”

You might be thinking I’m quoting from the Song of Songs—the Song of Solomon—but I’m not! This ardent love poem is Psalm 119, all about God’s law, the very Law the Israelites received thousands of years ago at the foot of Mount Horeb in Sinai.

In this talk, originally delivered to New Hope Chapel, Arnold, MD, I delve into the mysteries of Exodus 24.

Feasting With God

I    Suzerain Treaty, Exodus 20-24

II   Sealed in Blood, Exodus 24:3-8

III Celebration with God, Exodus 24:1-2, 10-11

IV  Stay Near to God, Exodus 12-18

Feast With God | GraceandPeaceJoanne

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