2 John: Remember Christ’s Command

Apostle John, speaking as an elder to the lady, his coworker in Christ, reminded her of the paramount commandment they had received from Jesus: Agape one another, for this is our signature as those who walk in the light, who live in truth, who have put our faith in Christ, who have received the Spirit of God.

2 Peter 1, Eat Your Cake To Have It

Worldly wisdom tells us we cannot eat our cake and have it too. It is a simple equation, for the world. If you eat your cake, it will disappear, bite by bite, until all that is left are crumbs on an empty plate. There is no way to both have your beautiful cake sitting perfectly on its pedestal platter, and also to eat it. But Peter wrote that the only way to have your cake is first to eat it. This ten minute presentation continues in the series on Peter’s Letters, featured on the YouTube channel, Grace and Peace Joanne

Broken, Searching, Trusted, Powerful

I decided to start “listening” to the voices and stories of the women within scripture’s pages from a woman’s point of view, for we know God created woman with good intent. To woman God gave the power to bring forth life, to be strength, courage, and a powerful rescue to the people of earth. Adam was unable to go it alone. Only with Eve, his equal and his counterpart, bringing with her the gifts of life, love, hope, strength, courage, faithfulness and power would Adam survive. Together, they had the potential to thrive.

2 Peter 1, Add to Your Faith

https://youtu.be/63Yw_3jR370 2 Peter 1:1-11 This ten minute presentation opens up Peter's second letter as he taught on how growth in knowing God, and growing in our relationship with God’s Son, will multiply grace and peace in our life experiences. “All things” flow from knowing God, and being filled with God’s Spirit. “Knowledge,” the Greek term … Continue reading 2 Peter 1, Add to Your Faith