Perhaps in imitation of the Apostle Paul’s letters, Peter packed dense theology into his own letters, beginning with every believer’s calling and anointing in God-Three-In-One. He addressed his letter to Jewish believers who lived throughout the Asian province of Rome’s empire, the area where Paul had so longed to go, but was prevented by the Holy Spirit.

Peter called attention to God the Father who foreknows, God the Holy Spirit who sanctifies, and God the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ who shed his blood to make atonement for our sins. By the Spirit’s enabling work, those who have put their faith in Jesus become obedient to him.

From here, Peter made a number of deeply theological and powerful points.

  1. New Birth
  2. Living Hope
  3. Rejoicing Love

All this, against the backdrop of Nero’s Rome and the savage persecution of Christians.

[Title plate incorporates Saint Peter (1650) by Guercino, Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento | By Guercino –, Public Domain, |AND| Trinity, Kempele Church Paintings 2006 | By Michael Toppelius – Own work by Estormiz 11:16, 24 July 2006 (UTC), Public Domain,]

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