1 Peter 1, Spiritual DNA

To borrow an analogy, this birth from above alters the spiritual DNA of a person, so that along with the privilege and responsibility of divine parentage comes the Father’s own genetic characteristics, God’s holiness and God’s ability to love, everything a believer needs to fulfill the call of God.

1 Peter 2, Living Stones

https://youtu.be/Ay4-8cavIls Because of their salvation (Peter wrote, to the Jewish believers in Jesus living among the Diaspora), they had been profoundly altered, moving from the covenant of God with the Hebrew people to the covenant cut in the blood of Christ with every believer. They had been born anew, born from above, bought with the … Continue reading 1 Peter 2, Living Stones

1 Peter 4: Manifold Grace of God

There are three basic things Peter emphasized in this passage for you and I to do as we interact with each other: pray, love fervently, and make our hospitality cheerful. And there is one thing God calls you and me to stop doing: living in the identity we used to have before we came to Christ.