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Our stories shape us. What we experience, and how we interpret what we experience, shapes how we see the world, see ourselves, and what we’re going to do try to survive and even thrive.  

Dr. Larry Crabb spoke of three levels to our life story.

  • There is the external story, the people and events that have shaped the narrative.
  • Then there’s the internal story which relates to how we’ve made sense of all the things that have happened. Part of becoming self-aware is learn about this part of our story, our hidden motives, the ways we cope with life, the things we often don’t realize we believe.
  • But then there is the transcendent story, the story God is writing into our lives, the divine perspective on where we’ve come from, and where we’re  headed.

*You will need at least on other person to do this workshop with you*

Through this video workshop, I hope you will discover something new about yourself and about the people you tell your story with. But most importantly, I hope you will gain perspective on the transcendent story God is writing into your life, and through you, into the lives of others.

This workshop has been crafted for the Lay Counselor Institute from Dr. Crabb’s conception of the three-level story, and in collaboration with Cindy Hunter, LCPC and the Lay Counselor Institute.

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