Way of the Cross | Grace and Peace, Joanne

How do we live in the place of great joy, in the humility of Christ, to be like Christ in willingness to surrender all, even to death, for love?

How do we achieve that way of thinking, that mindset? How do we keep Jesus as our focus, and live out that intimacy in our ordinary every day lives?

How do we keep from being pulled into all those other law-based merit systems that are so prevalent in our culture?

This was Paul’s focus in his letter to the believers in Philippi, and our focus at New Hope Chapel, Arnold, MD, where this talk was originally delivered as part of a sermon series on the Epistle to the Philippians.

Die to the Past and Live Into the Now

I Philippians 3:1-4, Rejoice in the Lord, Get Rid of Past Law

Rejoice in the Lord, and get rid of past law, because only Jesus gives life.

II Philippians 3:5-11, Righteousness in Christ, the Rest is Rubbish

Righteousness is in Christ alone, and the rest is rubbish,

III Philippians 3:12-14, Reach For the Prize, Let Religiosity Go

Reach or the prize of mature faith in Christ, looking forward towards Jesus and not back on our own achievements. Let’s let religiosity go.

Each video is designed to offer background scholarship on the topic, including setting, culture, original language, and archaeology, as well as a theological study.

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