Philippians 4:10-23 | Grace and Peace, Joanne

In a message originally delivered for New Hope Chapel, in a series on Paul’s epistle to the believers in Philippi. This twenty minute talk finishes up with Paul’s letter to his beloved sisters and brothers in the Lord. The story of how they came together is a fascinating one, found in Acts chapter 16. As I studied this last passage, I turned to two Greek scholars I deeply admire—

Dr. A. Nyland’s translation of this letter

and Dr. Nijay Gupta’s commentary.

We’ll go through chapter 4:10-20, twice, first looking at Paul’s thanksgiving, then at Paul’s teaching on contentment, and we’ll conclude with the last three verses as Paul describes the grand and far-reaching arc of God’s salvation throughout the earth.

I Acts of Love, 4:10-20

Earthly investment in God’s work

translates into heavenly dividends.

II Attitude of Contentment, 4:10-20

God’s provision is enough.

III Arc of God’s Salvation, 4:10-23

Perspective shapes the story.

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