HER STORY: Exodus Pioneers, Hannah

Has there ever been a time when you found yourself in a group of people enjoying themselves and you felt utterly alone? Maybe unseen, certainly not noticed, no one knew what you were feeling, there was no one to relate to. It’s like going to a party, that for you ends up being a test … Continue reading HER STORY: Exodus Pioneers, Hannah

“The Old Testament in Archaeology and History”

Though initially daunting in size, once into the reading the chapters are page-turners. After reading the final chapter (Killebrew’s Philistines), my text had become so marked up and dog-eared, the spine cracked in several places, that the book itself is a mute testimony.


Paul introduced her as “our sister,” and later one of the saints. Phoebe was deacon of the church at Cenchreae, and she was to be warmly welcomed. Anything she required, the assemblies in Rome were to provide for her. Why? Because she was, in fact, a benefactor of many, including Paul himself.

Michal, Daughter of Saul

In Michal’s story we meet a young women in love, who soon becomes courage itself in her quick-witted rescue of her husband. But as the years go by, she becomes an abandoned wife given to another man, then a political pawn and finally the outraged and rejected queen.

Tabitha (Dorcas)

The unique and intriguing story of a woman with dual citizenship, as it were, a woman known for her good deeds, the only woman who was actually called disciple in the entire Christian Testament, whose death rocked her Christian community to its core, and her deliverance by being raised back to life generated widespread belief in the Lord.

Mary of Bethany

We might say Martha brought in the importance of right doing in her service to the Lord, and in right thinking as Jesus’ developed her faith in knowing the truth about His divinity. Now enter Mary, who said few words, but whose passion and practice made a deep and lasting impact on Jesus’ heart and our understanding of discipleship.