Minor Prophets: Amos Condemns the Nations

The way Amos chose to depict himself was as a simple man minding his own business, tending to his farm and family, when God came barreling in with an urgent message

Baha’i’s Most Holy Place

What would it be like if followers of Jesus, who walk the Way and live filled with God’s love and grace by His indwelling Spirit, were to embrace what that really means?


Part of our excursion last Saturday was to visit the once bustling and wealthy city of Magdala, where Mary of Magdala came from. It’s a beautiful settlement, made all of black basalt, which is plentiful in the Galilee from ancient volcanic activity.

“Jesus Never Walked Among The Cactus”

…said Professor Michal Artzy of the University of Haifa, co-director of the Tel Akko Excavation, as she gave us a tour of the Tel.

“Joanna! Look Here!”

My asthma had gotten the better of me yesterday–combination of lots of dust, hot sun, and exertion. So, today I stayed in the lab, and learned how to inscribe the pottery artifacts.

Napoleon’s Hill

The first thing you have to do, to get an archaeological excavation ready, is to get all the sandbags up and out. When the excavation was closed the summer before, thousands of white cloth bags were filled with sifted earth from the dig, and placed all around the exposed areas to protect the site until the excavation could be reopened.

Akko, Israel

(Commentary on Genesis 6-11 will begin after these posts on the Tel Akko July 2019 Total Archaeology Excavation. Today’s post was actually written June 29, 2019)