Minor Prophets: The Book of Jonah

Many treat the book of Jonah as allegory, an attempt to process the nature of God, God’s purposes for the whole earth, God’s plan for God’s people, and to grapple with living in the promised land under foreign control.

Yom Kippur

Ten days after the Feast of Trumpets came Yom Kippur, which was a time of self-examination and repentance and forgiveness. centuries later, Christians would see Jesus as both sacrifice and high priest

Gospel of John: The Big Reveal

Just as Jesus was one with the Father’s will and God’s power, so you and I, the more we willingly meld our wills with the Lord’s, will receive God’s vision, all the things God has planned for us, and the power to do it all.

Gospel of John: Plucking Grain

The rabbinic tradition said, “God still does two works on the Sabbath: He creates and He judges.” And, the Psalm clearly said the Lord never rests but is always watching over and caring for God’s creation. Jesus was on solid theological ground, so what made the religious rulers so beyond enraged they were prepared to commit murder?

Gospel of John: From Faith to Faith

Relief may feel like satisfaction for a while. But true satisfaction, the deep and lasting kind, can only come through faith in Jesus, personally relating to Jesus and responding to him in faith, living it out because you believe.

Gospel of John: You Matter

As the Samaritans hearts were moved by Jesus’ words, they invited him to stay. It is one of the few places in scripture where Jesus accepted such an invitation, staying with them two days. Many more put their faith in Jesus, and said to the woman,

Gospel of John: I AM

The Samaritans called the Messiah “Tahav,” the Revealer. Someday the Messiah would come, and He would bring about this radical change in worship, but Jesus certainly could not mean that time had come now . . . could he?

Gospel of John: Living Water

There was no missing the metaphor. “Living water” was something Jesus bestowed that would spiritually enliven the person receiving it and living it out.