Gospel of John: Born Blind

There are so very many people who are hurting, who are also burdened with troubles others can see, and who are judged for it. Or who become topics for discussion about statistics, about trends and reasons and solutions. But when Jesus sees suffering, he sees a person who needs love and care, a person who needs help.

Feast at Shiloh: Hannah’s Story

Has there ever been a time when you found yourself in a group of people enjoying themselves and you felt utterly alone? Maybe unseen, certainly not noticed, no one knew what you were feeling, there was no one to relate to. You go to a party, but for you it’s a test of endurance, not the fun it’s billed to be.

Gospel of John: Plucking Grain

The rabbinic tradition said, “God still does two works on the Sabbath: He creates and He judges.” And, the Psalm clearly said the Lord never rests but is always watching over and caring for God’s creation. Jesus was on solid theological ground, so what made the religious rulers so beyond enraged they were prepared to commit murder?