Has there ever been a time when you found yourself in a group of people enjoying themselves and you felt utterly alone? Maybe unseen, certainly not noticed, no one knew what you were feeling, there was no one to relate to. You go to a party, but for you it’s a test of endurance, not the fun it’s billed to be.

That is at the heart of this twenty minute talk about a woman named Hannah, who lived in Iron Age Israel during the final years of the Judges. Her story is found in 1 Samuel, chapter 1

I 1 Samuel 1:1-3 CONTEXT

A. 1-2, Cast of Characters

  1. Elkanah, a Levite whose family had been living in Ramatha for generations
  2. Hannah, listed first, so probably the first wife, and a love match
  3. Peninah, listed second, so probably a wife taken on to produce heirs

B. Context

1. Yearly feast at Shiloh

II 1 Samuel 1:4-8 CRISIS

Hannah has no children, and Elkanah has no sympathy

A. 4-8, Pattern of Pain

  1. 4-5, Pity Portion
  2. 6-7, Provocation
  3. 8, Protestation

III 1 Samuel 1:9-18 CATHARSIS

A. 9-16, Prayer in Pain

  1. 9-10, Pouring forth
  2. 11, Promise
  3. 12-16, Opposition

B. 17-18, Peace

C. 17, Prophecy

D. 18, Repose

III 1 Samuel 1:19-20 CONSUMMATION

A. 19-20, Promise Fulfilled

  1. 19, Praise
  2. 20, Pregnancy

Feast at Shiloh: Hannah’s Story | Grace and Peace, Joanne

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