Moses simply laid his heart bear to God.

He was miserable.

Why did God allow evil to happen instead of intervening?

Why had He sent Moses, who hadn’t even wanted to come?

Why did it seem like God was doing nothing about delivering the people?

The Hebrew people’s suffering had increased, and Moses was on an emotional roller coaster, first high on hopes, then miserable with failure.

Prayer is really communion with God. The more open you are, the deeper the connection. Moses was in pain. It’s all he had, and he gave it up to God.

God helped Moses to see that God was setting the stage for what was about to happen. God was allowing the situation to reach what’s called critical mass. Then God would reveal God’s great glory and redeem God’s people.

All of us hit bottom sometimes, when there is nowhere else to look, but up, and that is the moment when God has our undivided attention.

I Moses’ Prayer, Exodus 5:22-23
II God’s Purpose, Exodus 6:1-8
III Moses’ Pain, Exodus 6:9-12
IV God’s Preparation and Providence, Exodus 6:13-26

In this talk, four truths rise to the surface:

  1. Prayer is communion with God
  2. God gives ever deeper revelation to those who commune with Him
  3. Pain and old beliefs often undermine belief in God’s revelation
  4. God’s past faithfulness offers encouragement, when the present and future look grim
Moses’ Prayer, Exodus 6 | Grace and Peace, Joanne

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