Death is one of the more tragic losses all of us experience in life, that final goodbye with someone we love dearly, and the long years of their absence to come. Even though death is part of every life, it can still feel like an affront, and more often than not, you and I are just not ready. Not ready to let go of that relationship, that person.

So it was for Naomi, and surely for her two daughters-in-law. Death had robbed them of their husbands, but also their places in society. Widowed, with no children, there was no home left for them, and few options for making a living. 

Yet out of that darkest valley, came God’s light. 

Ruth’s story begins with her being utterly bereft of all but faith, and next moves to her relationship with Boaz, a kind-hearted farmer who took care of both Ruth and her mother-in-law Naomi. Boaz then became even more, as he formally the land, name, and heritage of Naomi’s dead husband, for at the end of Ruth’s story she places her firstborn son Obed on Naomi’s knee.

I Bereft but Faithful, Ruth 1

II Boaz the Farmer, Ruth 2

III Bounty of Favor, Ruth 3  

IV Birth of Obed, Ruth 4

Listen to this story of a young Moabite woman who was widowed and childless. She could either take the safe path back to her parents, or she could put her trust in God and enter into the Promised Land.

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