As We Near the End of Acts

In just a few short weeks, probably the beginning of May, we'll finished reading Luke's account of Paul's ministry career. Luke wanted his friend Theophilus to have an accurate and reliable account of The Way's beginnings. From the birth of John the baptist, through the cross and onwards, Luke carefully researched every story, every quote, … Continue reading As We Near the End of Acts

The 12 Minor Prophets

This week, I'm starting a new series from the Hebrew Bible (what many refer to as the "Old Testament"). I've long been fascinated with the poetry, imagery, and intensity of the prophets, and especially intrigued with the minor prophets--maybe because the only place I ever heard teaching on all twelve books was in the Bible study I used to be a part of.


A human figure begins to form in the dust, first a small mound, and then the contours of a face and body appear. God’s invisible hands draw arms, and legs, the wet mist making the dust stick together, until a whole person lies there, still and lifeless. Suddenly, a great wind picks up – God’s breath – churning the dust into immense, whirling sails, electricity crackling in the air. The form’s nostrils fill; it lives!

Loving God, Loving God’s words

I delight in your commands because I love them.I reach out for your commands, which I love,that I may meditate on your decrees. Psalm 119:45-48 A singer’s bread and butter are the church jobs. My dad sang at temple on Friday nights and Saturday mornings, and he sang at church on Sunday mornings. We were … Continue reading Loving God, Loving God’s words